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CYCLING - Refugio Road/El Capitan State Parks

  • September 14, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Santa Barbara

Explore Refugio and El Capitan State Parks and the surrounding areas.  This ride has a lot of variety with spectacular coastal views, winding rural canyon roads, beaches, campgrounds, class one bike paths with rolling hills.  

As always we will have multiple routes. Please let us know if you are riding which route option you intend to ride: both options start at the Refugio exit.

Directions to Starting Point: Get off the 101 at the Refugio exit and park on the dirt as you start to go north on Refugio Rd.  Option “A” up to 28 Miles and 2200+ ft of elevation, (moderate to difficult), and Option “B” 14 Mile (Easy).

Since this ride starts at Refugio Rd. some may need help getting to the start. If you can provide a ride or need one, you can use the Ride Sharing Forum to coordinate rides.

Option A: Starts 8:00 at Refugio exit.  Ride up Refugio Canyon road, 3 miles with nearly 500 ft of elevation to the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch. Where there is a turn of century guest ranch that has been handed down through 4 generations.  For the strong riders, they can continue for up to another 3.8 miles and nearly 1,800 ft of elevation gain (20% grade in some spots). Other’s may wish to stop for coffee.  At 9:15 we start our descent back to meet up with the Option “B” group.

Option B: Starts 9:00 at Refugio exit.  After meeting up with the Option “A” group at their cars, we will explore Refugio State Park with breathtaking coastal views along the parks bike paths: Ride south through the park on bike trails towards El Capitan State Park. We then backtrack and cross under the freeway and ride along Calle Real (north side of the freeway frontage road) to El Capitan State Park. The Road continues for 500ft and ends at a Class 1 bike path continuing south along the rolling hills for a mile or two. Note there is a 20 percent incline for those who feel like trying it.  We then cross over to El Capitan State Park and ride north along the bike path weaving through the campgrounds with beautiful coastal views, and coming back along the park roads.  We will have lunch at the at El Capitan Canyon resort/campgrounds (A private campground just inland from the State Park), good sandwiches and soups. Then we return to our cars along Calle Real frontage road.

Check out the Ride Map

Helmets required.  Have plenty of water with you. Rain postpones.

Join the SBNC Strava Group and help support and encourage your fellow riders! 

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