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Enjoy learning about wines? How about discussing the latest bestseller or playing bridge? Whether gardening or writing, we offer a wide range of special interest activities. Join others who share your passion or start a new activity group yourself.

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Year: 2017

1January, 2017FebruaryMarch
Oct 17 Young Professionals Pub Trivia
Oct 20 Hablemos Español - Museo Histórico - Now open!
Oct 20 TGIF - The Good Bar at the Goodland Hotel
Oct 20 Young Professionals Halloween on the Landshark - Now Open!
Oct 23 Mah Jongg
Oct 23 Foreign Policy Discussion: SAUDI ARABIA *Registration and Waitlist CLOSED*
Oct 25 Current Events - Santa Barbara Mayoral Debate
Oct 25 Gardening--Educational Fireside Cannabis Chat--PLEASE JOIN WAITLIST
Oct 25 WINE APPRECIATION Presents a Spanish Wine Tasting - Sold Out - Please join waitlist
Oct 26 We Got Game - PICTIONARY - Now Open!
Oct 27 TGIF - Tacos & Margaritas at Viva
Oct 29 Newcomers Dogs
Oct 30 Mah Jongg
Nov 01 November AFTERNOON BOOK CLUB - Sold Out
Nov 01 MEN's group presents Poker Night - Now Open!
Nov 02 Visual Arts and Giving Back: Acclaimed Gaviota Coast Film, Q&A with Director, and GCC - Full, Waitlist Open.
Nov 03 TGIF - Santa Barbara Brewing Company Lounge
Nov 05 ALL THINGS FRENCH: French Polynesian Party - SOLD OUT
Nov 06 Gardening--San Ysidro Ranch Garden Tour and Lunch--PLEASE JOIN WAITLIST
Nov 06 Mah Jongg
Nov 09 Current Events - Formal Debate - Now Open!
Nov 10 TGIF - The Good Lion
Nov 12 Newcomers Dogs
Nov 13 Mah Jongg
Nov 16 Mah Jongg Training - Now Open!
Nov 16 WINE APPRECIATION Presents 'Wine for the Holidays' - Registration opens 10/24!
Nov 16 Foreign Policy Discussion: IRAN *SAVE THE DATE* - Registration opens 10/24
Nov 17 TGIF - Lama Dog
Nov 17 Epicurious Presents: Appetizer Cook-Off! (Registration Opens 10/17/17)
Nov 20 Mah Jongg
Nov 27 Mah Jongg
Nov 30 We Got Game - CATCH PHRASE - Registration Open November 7th!
Dec 04 Mah Jongg
Dec 04 ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY! Registration opens 10/31!
Dec 10 Newcomers Dogs
Dec 11 Mah Jongg
Dec 14 Mah Jongg Training - Registration Opens 11/14
Dec 15 TGIF - Holidays at the Biltmore
Dec 18 Mah Jongg
Dec 25 Mah Jongg

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